A New Normal – Untangling a broken fashion system. Together.

Image: Holzweiler

In 2020-21 we will explore the regenerative fashion systems of tomorrow through a systematic, open-innovation process facilitated by Floke, in support by The Nordic Council of Ministers. 

By untangling the complex global problems of fashion, through the lenses of local opportunity, value creation and whole systems thinking, the project aims to create new, future-proof business opportunities for stakeholders within the Nordic & Baltic fashion & textile industry.

Our ambitious vision is for the region to become a frontrunner within the global industry, demonstrating through a portfolio of answers, a prosperous and regenerative fashion system based on local principles and collaboration.


Call to action
The starting point and fundamental principle of this project is to re-evaluate the dominant growth-logic of the industry and how value is measured. We aim high. We are seeking stakeholders interested in stepping outside the comfort of incremental improvements  in their quest for innovation and sustainability. Stakeholders ready to re-evaluate their current role in the system and the role of the people and communities it affects.   

We are now seeking 3-4 key partners interested  in taking on a leadership role in the further shaping of the project-scope as part of the first phase of the project. The project aims to launch in Q3 2020. A broad range of additional stakeholders within the industry will then be invited to take part as project partners.

Deadline: 01.03.2020

Image: Holzweiler

For further details on the project and process design, don´t hesitate to contact Æra Strategic Innovation